Why Do Dealerships Hire Green Peas?

Why Not Hire Seasoned 20 Car Automotive Sales Staff?

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"The automotive sales job is a very very difficult job."

Why Do Automotive Dealerships Hire Green Peas or Brand New Sales Staff? This question has always baffled me. The automotive sales job is a very very difficult job.

1. It can be time consuming to get certified in the car line or car lines you will be selling.

2. The sales person will work very long hours.Thankfully Texas dealerships are closed on Sunday.

3. The sales person will have classes every day with managers hoping to teach them the ropes.

4. Most of the manager have forgotten what it is like to sell a car and are usually not much help.

5. Mangers are very quick to tell you what to do, many things have nothing to do with selling a car.

6. The experienced sales staff are not interested in helping you succeed.

7. Many first time auto sales people do not last very long, there is a lot of turn over.

8. Companies that hire new sales staff, usually give a guarantee for 3 months, most leave at the end.

9. A salesperson tries to meet a customer by email, phone, text, in person on the lot or as a referral.

10. Once you meet a potential customer you want to try to solve their transportation needs.

11. You are really trying to land them on a car that they want to buy.
12. Next you want to see if they can get approved for a loan or are they willing to pay cash.

13. You will need to agree with the customer on price and terms.

14. If they have a trade you will have to get all the information on the trade and get the keys to the manager.

15. You will need to get the customer to fill out the credit app, to see what they qualify for?

16.The manager will then give you the price for the new car, the trade and the payments.

17. You will go back and forth on price until everyone agrees.

18. If they agree, they is a lot of paper work that you will print and have the customer sign.

19. You will take the car to fill the gas tank and then take it to the detail area.

20. You will sit with the customer and go over the car and the books while you wait for finance.

21. The finance manager will go over the paper work and any warranties that they might want.

22. You will then deliver the car and show them how the car works, pair their phone etc.

23. You will work on the trade, key tags, paper work, mark the car and park it in the back.

24. I probably left out 50 other things that the sales person is responsible to do to make a sale.

Advice For Green Peas

"The sales person does almost all the work for the car sale"

The Sales Person Does Almost All The Work For The Car Sale: You will notice that the manager and finance manager were hardly involved at all. The manager may get involved if you cannot close the sale. The manager may spend a lot more of his time with a green pea or brand new sales person trying to teach them the process. This really is a brutal job you will do almost all the work and you may end up with only $100 per sale. In the past the sales person waited for a customer on the lot, the manager waited to desk a deal for the sales person and then the finance manager waited for a customer to process their title paper. Now people will call, text or email before they come in. The sales person is responsible to now get the customer into the dealership. The chances are very good that a new sales person will upset the customer, get frustrated or blow the deal on any one of the 100 steps to the sale.

"Why not hire experienced automotive sales staff?"

Since The Auto Sales Job Is So Hard, Why Not Hire Experienced Sales Staff? An experiences 20 car sales person will generally sell 18 to 24 cars a month every month.
1. These type of sales staff are like a golden goose that produces day after day month after month.

2. These type of sales people are in high demand and can go where ever they want.

3. These type of people need a store that understands them and will not treat them like green peas.

4. These people need an aggressive pay plan, lots of perks, help with the sale and freedom.

5. If you can create a place for them, they will come and tell their other 20 car friends.

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