What Is A Bogus Auto Internet Lead?

Why Is It Important To Stop Fake Automotive Internet Leads?

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What Is A Bogus Auto Internet Lead From A Customer? Generally we think of a bogus Internet lead as a lead where the potential customer is giving a fake name, fake phone number and or fake email address. The name looks fake John Doe or Superman etc. The phone number goes to a wrong place, name or does not work. The email bounces back or is never opened.

"Do Not Put Fake Cars On Your Website."

How Does An Auto Dealership Create Bogus Internet Leads? There are several more ways to create your own bogus leads as a dealership and still not sell any more cars.

1. Do not put fake cars on your website. Used car manager loves to put cars that A. Do not pass safety B. Cost too much to fix or C. A car that is not like anything else we sell, they post them online at low prices. Lots of calls and leads on a car that does not exist. With the hope that we can switch them to a car that we do have? This is a bogus lead and a waist of time for the Internet staff.

2. Does your used car manager reduce prices everyday or every week? Do they waits until they must wholesale the car and then radically cuts the price? Suddenly the Internet department will get 10 to 20 calls and leads a day on "that car" at "that price". Yet they only has one at that price. Only one of those leads will buy and if they are not quick to remove that low priced car, the calls and leads will pour in for a car that is now sold. - Secrets of Successful Automotive Internet Salespeople

"Does Your Automotive Website Create Fake Internet Leads?"

Does Your Automotive Website Create Fake Internet Leads? Many automotive websites require the customers name, email and phone number each time they want "The Best Price" "Today's Price" "The Internet Price". If the customer is looking at 5 cars wanting The Best Price, we now have 5 leads, sometimes they make up 5 fake names and info just to get the price. (This makes the website company happy because they are showing more leads per month.) Yet these type of leads are very frustrating to the Internet staff that must keep calling, texting and emailing a bogus lead. - Learn More - Why Do Dealerships Hire Green Peas? - Vincent Hoss