• Can A New Web Company Ruin Your Business?

    A potential customer called me and said, for years I got phone calls every day with requests for my products and services. Then I went with a friend who suggested I needed a new website, the old one was very dated. The new site looks great but all phone calls stopped, we dropped $100k in income a month. She asked me can you help?


    1. This is a classic example of a web person that does not understand your first job is not to ruin the customers business!

    2. They changes the name of the company 

    3. The new web company changed the URL

    4. They made a lot of changes to the internal pages and URL's.

    5. They never copied the site map exactly to the new site.

    6. They changed hosting companies.

    7. They never told Google what they were doing.





    Can A Web Guy Save Your Business In One Day?

    This Is What We Were Able To Do In One Day:


    1. We found and were able to get access to the old URL.

    2. We found an old copy of the original website. (waybacktimemachine

    3. We contacted the original hosting company, they only keeps copies for 7 days. (Special thanks to ionos.com)

    4. The hosting company was able to restore the original website from 6 months ago.

    5. Happy to say - Google Indexed the site the very next day.


    Friends do not let Friends wreck their online business! 

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