8 Ways To Help Your Top Sales Staff Sell More Cars

Why Do Dealerships Not Want Experienced Car Sales People?

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"A Green Pea will waste phone calls, email leads and lot ups as they try to learn the car business."

Why Do Dealerships Not Want Experienced Car Sales Staff?

We see dealerships all the time that will bring in an auto sales staffing companies that will get 50 kids to come into your store looking for a $2k, $2.5k or $3k a month guarantee to learn how to sell cars. No one really tells them just how hard the job is. They only tell them about the folks making $10k a month selling 20 cars a month. A Green Pea (as we call the Newbie's) will waste phone calls, waste email leads, waste chat leads and waste lot ups as they try to learn the car business. Rarely do any of these make it in the automotive sales world past the first 90 days when the guarantee wears off.

"Top car sales staff will provide a much better car buying experience for the customer."

Why Are Experienced Car Salespeople So Valuable?

If you hire an experienced 20-car salesperson they will find a way to make the sales right from the start. They will work their pay plan to make $10k or more every month. Top car sales staff will provide a much better car buying experience for the customer. Why is it a 20-car guy can just walk in and start selling? Because they know that they need to see at least 3 people per day to sell one car and will make it happen one way or another. How To Hire The Best Car Sales People

Why Does Dealership Management Fear Top Car Salespeople? Why are dealerships so reluctant to create a place where 20 car guys and their 20 car friends want to work? Because they are different: This elite group of salespeople need a different program that allows them to flourish. They will not put up with inexperienced managers, constantly changing rules, impossible to meet spiffs, cheating, lying, stealing, bullying, yelling or favoritism to certain sales staff with no experience.

"This elite group of salespeople need a different program that allows them to flourish."

8 Ways How To Keep Top Car Sales Staff Productive
1. They Need Respect: They do not need two meetings every day led by managers that have not sold 20 cars a month or forgotten how hard the job really is.
2. They Need Opportunities: When you let a Green Pea waste ups you take opportunities from experienced staff. They need a steady flow of ups, leads and calls to keep their pipeline full.

3. They Need Help: Great salespeople will end up with 2 or 3 in the store at a time, this is usually by accident. Give the top guys help with deliveries, wash up, gas up, whatever they need! You must serve them so they can serve the customers.

4. They Need Freedom: Let the 20-car staff do whatever they want with their time as long as they are producing.

5. They Need Honor: Honor the top guys with quality support, quality sales and quality finance managers. Honor their time at the desk, honor their experience; give them all the tools they need. Never yell at, never disrespect or put down one of these guys down in front of the entire team, they will leave before you know it.

6. Listen To Them: These elite sales staff see things from a very different perspective than a manager who sits behind glass or in a tower. They know a lot of what the customers and other employees really feel.

7. Do Not Be Afraid Of Them. These 20-car sales staff will often know more than their managers who were promoted without proving themselves in the real world.

8. Be Ready To Make Changes: Unfortunately 20 car guys will not put up with problems, cheating, bullying, favoritism, etc they will call people out when they see problems. This is often looked down on by upper management who are inexperienced, lazy or they do not want to rock the boat.

Does Your Dealership Want Experienced Auto Sales Staff?

Why should a dealership try to get and keep top automotive sales staff vs hiring and training Green Peas? The experienced salesperson is a very rare and talented person if he or she can consistently sell 20+ cars a month.

"Experienced sales staff are a money machine for the dealership; If you can get them and keep them."

What Is Different About Experienced Auto Sales Staff? The top sales staff has honed their style in the crucible of life and have come forth as gold. They are a money machine for the dealership if you can get them and keep them. Do you need an extra 100 sales? Just get 5 of this type of sales staff. If you want to sell 200 cars a month you only need 10, just get and keep them happy it is as simple as that. One dealership that was selling 1000 cars a month in a town of 6k people out in the country one hour from a large city with 50 of them proved that it works with minimal advertising. - Holz Chevrolet in Hales Corners WI.

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