What Makes A Good Auto Sales Person?

How Do You Find or Train 20 Car A Month Sales Staff?

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What Makes A Good Automotive Salesperson? The auto sales position is not an easy job. This job has very long hours, lots of running around, difficulty managers, problems with sales staff that get lots of deals handed to them, problems with sales staff that are bullies, that will cheat or hide data to get deals. There are lots of meetings, lots of training sessions by managers that forgot what it is like to sell cars or were never successful selling cars. There is a whole lot of rejection from customers by phone, text, email and in person. This is not a job for the faint at heart, it is a brutal job but if you become successful the rewards are amazing.

"A Person That Sells 6 to 8 Cars A Month Is An Order Taker"

A Person That Sells 6 to 8 Cars A Month Is An Order Taker: Almost anyone can accidentally sell 6 to 8 cars a month. The question is: How does a salesperson get his volume up to 20 cars a month? The consistent 20 car sales person is like a golden goose that faithfully delivers month after month. Yet why do dealership not train their staff to get to this coveted level? Mostly because the managers or trainers have never sold 20 cars a month and do not know how hard it is. Once a person reaches this 20 cars a month level and tastes of the satisfaction and money: then these sales staff will rarely miss their numbers. Be A Great Car Salesperson

"Ask Yourself - Did their parents dropped them off? Have they ever purchased a car before?"

Why Hire Inexperienced Car Sales Staff? Before you hire new inexperienced car sales staff think about these things. Did their parents dropped them off? Have they ever purchased a car before? Have they had a car loan? Do they know what CRM stands for? Do they know how to drive a stick shift? Do they know where the odometer is? Think to yourself - Do I want to guarantee these people $3k a month for 3 months to see if they can learn to sell cars? - Want To Learn More? 8 Ways To Help Your Top Sales Staff Sell More Cars - Vincent Hoss - Automotive Internet Director

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