Why Do Automotive Finance Managers Fail?

Who Should You Move To The Auto Finance Manager Position?

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Why Do Automotive Finance Managers Fail At This Job? I once knew a very sharp guy at my dealership who wanted to move from the back of the house to the Finance Department. He was brilliant at solving problems at our dealership. He worked long hours and was very well liked by all. He took all the finance classes and was very good with the paper work but never did very well in the department. He just could not sell the back-end products like the top guys. Why did he fail? Could it be that he had never sold cars and he had never learned to over come objections like a really good auto sales person?

" If You Cannot Sell 20 Cars A Month For 12 Months - You Cannot Move To Finance."

What Makes A Good Automotive Finance Manager? Almost everyone I knew that went into the finance department and was successful had been very good at selling cars before they went. If someone has learned how to sell 20 cars a month and then they do it for years at a time; this is a very special person! Sales people that can sell consistently 20 cars a month are rare birds, they have learned in the trenches how to consistently sell in a wide variety of situations. These folks will go above and beyond and do what ever it takes to make a deal, they have learned to not give up.

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"If You Cannot Sell What You Can See - You Cannot Sell What You Cannot See."

Who Should You Move Into Your Automotive Finance Manager Position? If a person can get really good at selling things that people "want and can can see", then that person can get really good at selling things that people "cannot see and do not know they need". Life insurance agents may be the perfect person for your automotive finance department, they sell a product that folks do not even want to talk about. Think about these things before you move someone into your next auto finance manager position. - Want to learn more? Customer Is Not In The CRM? - Then They Do Not Exist - Vincent Hoss - Multi-Location Lead Generation Manager.