Want A Better Internet Lead Close Rate?

Does A Higher Lead Close Rate Help You Sell More Cars?

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Do You Want A Better Automotive Internet Lead Close Rate? Lots of dealerships look at the internet close ratio and think that they are selling more cars because the Internet Sales Manager is showing them that he or she is improving the Internet close ratio.

"Can The Internet Close Ratio Go Up & Still Not Sell Any More Cars?"

Can We Increase The Internet Lead Close Ratio and Not Sell Any More Cars? If you remove all the bogus internet leads from your CRM, those with a bad phone number, bad email and fake name your close ratio will go up. This means you now have less internet leads in your CRM but your total auto car sales will not change. If you take all the duplicate leads and merge them you will have less leads, this will also increase your close ratio but not increase your sales numbers. All you did was reduce the total number leads, so the close ratio looks better. Average web lead close rate of 11.4% across all automotive dealers in 2019.

"Do You Want A Better Close Ratio Or More Auto Sales?"

Do You Want A Better Close Ratio Or More Auto Sales? Some managers and owners wants "X" close ratio but they do not realize that it is very easy for an experienced Internet Sales Manager to get to what ever number they want. Do you really want a better close ratio if you are not selling any more cars? A smart or lazy automotive internet manager can get you to any number you want.

"First look at how many cars you sold from Internet leads"

Do You Really Want More Automotive Internet Sales? Start looking at is how many cars you actually sold that came first from an Internet lead. How many appointments did your staff make from only Internet leads. How many Internet appointments showed up and how many of those Internet leads purchased. This will tell you the real story. - Learn More - How To Hire Great Internet Sales Staff - Vincent Hoss - Digital Marketing Manager