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Hire Great Automotive Internet Sales Staff

What Does A Great Automotive Internet Sales Person Do?

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How To Hire or Train A Great Internet Salesperson: Internet sales staff have for years been the out casts of the auto dealership. My first Internet position was located outside the dealership behind the service department next to the body shop. Most dealership staff are waiting for something to happen. The Sales Staff waits for a Customer, the Managers wait for a Deal and the Finance wait to do the Paper Work and sell warranties. It is the Internet & BDC Staff that must reach out to the customers and try to get them into the store. Things have certainly changed since those first days. Now everyone in the store should be involved in Internet leads and follow up. From Sales to Finance to Managers yet it still rarely happens. We normally see Finance hiding in their office and Managers yelling at Sales to make more calls; yet the sales manager often make no calls. In the ideal world, the manager should "Take A Turn" on the Internet lead after the sales person. Then the BDC should Take a 2nd Turn to try to connect with the customer.

"No mater what time I get to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium I will never get a chance to play quarterback."

A Great Automotive Internet Sales Person: A great internet sales person will immediately answer the lead, no matter the day or the hour. "Who Ever Gets To The Internet Lead First Wins". Yet I often see the managers holding on to the leads for hours or days before they give them out. Why do we not let the phone to ring and ring without answering it? Why do we not let a customer stand at the reception area or wonder the lot without a greeting? Open Up The Leads: Who ever gets their first and takes care of the leads gets them. Watch your internet sales increase almost immediately. Working as an Internet Sales Representative

Should The Internet Sales Staff Only Get Internet Leads? The Internet leads have the lowest close ration: why give the Internet staff only Internet leads. This is a quick way to lose staff. Let the best staff based on sales and profit have Internet leads, phone leads and ups. No mater what time I get to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium I will never get a chance to play quarterback. Why? Because there are others there that are much better at football than me. Why do we let the first sales person at the store to get the first lead, first phone call or first Internet lead? Learn more - How To Sell More Cars With Internet Leads - Vincent Hoss

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