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Not In The CRM - It Does Not Exist

Why Is It Important To Get All The Customer Data In The CRM?

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If The Customer Is Not In The Automotive CRM - That Customer Does Not Exist. (CRM) - Customer Retention Management Software. This is software that is used to keep track of the auto dealership customers over time. Why is this so hard to understand? All the customer data needs to be in the CRM every time. Why do sales staff and managers refuse to put all interactions with customers in the dealership CRM? I often find that data is not going into the CRM because of these reasons. Guide To Automotive CRM's

1. The Sales Staff or Managers are lazy, they just will not stop and enter the data.

2. Manager are trying to hide the data to give the data to a favored staff member.

3. Sales staff feel it will be held against them with a lower close ratio.

4. The customer is already in the system under a different sales person name.

How Do Automotive Sales Staff & Managers Cheat The CRM?

How Do Automotive Sales Staff & Managers Cheat The CRM?
1. When a Sales Manager does not enter a call into the CRM and then hands a piece of paper to a favored sales person who may or may not enter the data.
2. When a Sales Person finds out that an existing lot up, lead or call is already in the CRM then starts working the customer outside of the CRM on their phone or email to try and get a sale without notifying the original sales person.

3. When a customer that does not seem like they are willing or able to buy is not entered into the CRM to show a lower close ration.

4. When fake information or miss spelled name or incorrect information is entered to show a different lead than one that is already in the CRM. Vincent Hoss - Webmaster - Learn More - Does Your Dealership Need A Dentist?

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