Could A Dog Purchase A Carvana?

Online Car Purchases Are Getting Easier & Easier.

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Could A Dog Accidentally Purchase A Car Online? In these days of online shopping, could a dog really purchase a car? I doubt it, but we are seeing the car buying process getting easier and easier. We have all this free time on our hands because so many of us are working at home. Has anyone completely purchased a car online and then had it delivered?

"The first car he ordered from Carvana showed up with a broken transmission"

Would You Think Of Buying A Car From Carvana? A sales guy at my dealership tried to buy a used car from Carvana (Not sure why he did not buy from our dealership, this would have gotten someone fired at most other dealerships.) Learn more about Carvana

"The 2nd car showed up in with snow tires; the tires made a racket when you drove the car."

Multiple Problems With A Carvana Used Car:

  • The first car he ordered showed up with a broken transmission from the used car company; Carvana came and took it back.
  • The 2nd car showed up in with snow tires; the tires made a racket when you drove the car, are you kidding me Carvana?
  • Carvana came back again and picked up the 2nd car and changed the tires to regular tires.
  • Then Carvana delivered the used car with the correct tires to the sales guy.
  • How much do you think Carvana made on this sale?

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