Does Your Dealership Need A Dentist?

What Can An Auto Dealership Learn From A Dental Check Up?

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Does Your Dealership Need A Visit From A Dentist?
A new guy came to work at our dealership. I asked him what do you do? He said, "I am a little like a Dentist" "A Dentist?" I said.

The new guy said "Owners and GM's Find Me When They Are In Pain."

"I then ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening to the customers, employees and managers. I then poke around and try to figure out why they are not selling cars and what they need to do to sell more."

I then go back to the GM or Owner and tell them I found these problems over here and other problems over there; "Should I Fix Them?"

1. Some say fix all of them.
2. Some say fix some of them.
3. Some say I do not want any more pain; can you just put some of that jel on them?

I said "What happens with the last group when the jel wears off?"

The new guy said "Those that just want the jel, will later say something like this;
I am still feeling pain...

1. You are worthless.

2. You do not know what you are doing.

3. You are an embarrassment to out dealership.

4. You are a virus that needs to be eradicated from out dealership.

Then they usually kick me out."
(I was saddened but not surprised when just a little while later he was gone. Our dealership was not interested in making any changes.)

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