How To Increase Dealership Sales

How Important Are The Ups, The Calls, The Texts & The Leads

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How To Increase Your Auto Dealership's Sales: Every dealership wants to sell more cars. Yet very few will try to find out where the real problems are. 1. Are we increasing the number of leads, calls and ups with great marketing and social media? 2. Do we follow up "Until They Buy Or Die? 3. Do we provide an amazing experience when the customer is in the dealership. 4. Do we follow up after the customer leaves with or without a car?

How Important Are The Ups, The Calls, The Texts & The Leads? Every Lot Up, Every Call, Every Text and Every Lead must be entered in the CRM. Each lead must be looked after by the Sales Person, A Manager and The BDC Department. Each of these three should "Take A Turn" on trying to connect with the customer and set an appointment to come into the dealership. Ways to Increase Your Dealership’s Sales Efficiency

Why Do You Follow Up After 2 Weeks? One time an owner of a dealership asked me "Why do I follow up with the customers after 2 weeks?" I pulled the last 100 Internet sales and showed him 1/3 purchased in 30 days, 1/3 purchase in 31 to 90 days & 1/3 purchased in 91 to 365 days. Follow up works. Remember this old saying: The Dealership That "Follows Up Until They Buy Or Die" Wins. Want to learn more? How To Increase Dealership Sales Vincent Hoss