What Is Early Sales Manager Intervention?

What Is Manager Immersion & Does It Work?

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What Is Early Sales Manager Intervention? Most automotive sales managers sit at their desk in a tower telling the sales people what to do. There is a new thing going around called "Early Manager Intervention" This is where the sales manager is supposed to get out among the sales people and customers to help move along the auto sale. EMI (Early Management Intervention) Look at what The Cardone Group has to say about this.

What Is Manager Immersion? I once worked with a new Sales Manager with a totally different approach, He called what he was doing "Manager Immersion". He moved in with the sales staff, he did not sit in the tower like the other managers, he actually sat right next to the sales staff.

"What? The Manager Is Actually Sitting With The Salespeople?"

What? The Manager Is Sitting With The Salespeople: What was really different about this manager was he sat with the sales people, he made phone calls, sent texts, sent emails, set appointments for all the sales people and worked with each of them on an individual basis. He was not like the normal managers who sat in their sales tower - usually quite away form the sales team.

Some Of The Staff Loved Him & Some Hated Him: Often sales people get to do what ever they want with no accountability. When managers are too busy; the sales staff is often over looked. As dealerships have gotten bigger and with Covid the sales staff is sitting further and further apart.

When this new manager started sitting with the sales people it was a shock for everyone. Some people loved him, because he really helped them to sell more cars, some did not like being held accountable and those that had been cheating the system absolutely hated him; because he called them out.

The Other Managers Did Not Understand This Approach: There was a lot of push back with some of the sales staff and this new manager's style of watching everything that the sales staff was doing. Management did not backing him up when some of the sales staff threw temper tantrums. Instead of telling the sales staff that there is a new sheriff in town, they undermined him, changed his decisions and told him to stand down with the cheaters.

Why Is Manager Immersion Not Popular? Once the sales people realized that management was not backing up the new manager; then everything completely fell apart. This guy got absolutely run over by everyone in the store that did not like him.

This Concept Has Worked At Other Dealerships: This particular manager has had amazing success at other dealerships. Management really talked him up before he came and then they would not let him make any changes that the sales staff did not like.

Have You Ever Seen This Type Of Hands On Management Style Work Before? What do you think of this concept of the manager actually sitting with the sales staff? What do you think of a manager working with and teaching the sales staff how to sell like they did before they were a manager? Most sales managers and finance manager moved up because they were top sales staff. Yet you rarely see them working and teaching the sales staff like this manager did.

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