Want To Sell 20 Cars A Month?

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How Easy Is It To Sell 20 Cars A Month? Selling 20 cars a month consistently at any dealership is usually considered the Gold Standard for a Salesperson. To sell at this level does not usually require a college degree, just old-fashioned hard work.

How I Learned To Sell 20 Cars A Month: I learned how to sell 20+ cars a month in the early days of Internet Sales, when dealerships did not like Internet customers who had done their homework. My first Internet sales position was not in the showroom but outside next to the body shop in the back of the building.

How Can I Get People To Remember Me? It was a challenge to get a customer to go out of the showroom to the back of the dealership to my office. I came up with an idea of filling my office from floor to ceiling with M&M candy dispensers and memorabilia. I emailed each customer my picture with my M&M tie, my office full of M&M stuff and my yellow Ford Focus hatchback covered with M&M Candy wrap. I sent the customers a coupon for free M&M candy if they found me, a free M&M toy if they took a test drive and a free boxed M&M car candy dispenser if they purchased a vehicle.

How Has Automotive Internet Sales Changed Over The Years? In these early days there were no phone calls, no chat, no CRM, no floor traffic. it was a brutal job working only Internet leads and it was especially hard to work the 3rd party leads where they sold the same lead to 5-20 dealerships. I started studing how the lead providers were generating leads and started generating my own leads. I created landing pages and used Google AdWords that only cost .05 cents per click and no one wanted them.

What Do I Need To Do To Sell A Lot Of Cars? The most common way for a new salesperson just starting out is to try and sell 5 friends, family acquaintances, 5 lot ups - people that come on the lot to look at cars, 5 phone calls / chats, 5 service isle customers and/or 5 Internet leads or some variation of these numbers. It is a lot of work, but it pays amazing once you learn.

I Am A New Car Salesperson What Should I Do? Here is the math and close ratios to sell 20+ cars a month for an inexperienced salesperson:

- Internet Leads: +/- 10% - You need to work around 50 Internet leads to sell 5.
- Phone & Chat Leads: +/- 20-25% - You need to get around 25 phone or chat calls to sell 5.
- Service Customers: +/- 15-30% - You need to work 20-25 service customers to sell 5.
- People Who Drive on the Lot - Lot Ups +/- 40-50% - You need to work 15-20 lot ups to sell 5.
- Friends, Family & Referrals: +/- 60-80% You need to work 10-15 family or friends to sell 5.

How Difficult Is It To Be A Car Salesperson? When you first start selling you may need to talk to 4 or 5+ people a day who want to buy a car to sell one car a day. As you gain more knowledge and experience, the number of customers it takes, to sell one car a day - goes way down.

Once A Salesperson First Sells 20 Cars - I May Not See Him or Her For A Month - But When They Come Back - They Will Sell 20 Cars A Month Every Month.

The Goal: 1 Repeat Customer = 1 Car Sale. At this point usually 3 to 5+ years after you start, you will no longer work any Internet leads, phone/chat leads, lot ups or the service lanes. This is because all of these customers have terrible close rates compared to an experience salesperson working his repeats and referrals; these prior customers have a 90-95% close rate.

If You Work Hard - In 3 to 5 Years - You Will Only Be Working Your Existing Customers - With A 90-95% Close Ratio.

Have you learned to consistently sell at this level? Have you been able to teach others how to sell 20 cars a month? Leave you thought below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Vincent Hoss on LinkedIn