Want To Make Google Happy?

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What Makes The Google Search Engines Happy? We all should know by now that Google loves unique content and unique answers to common questions. Studies have found that 80% of all searches are research related. What this means is that the pages that Google likes are pages that have a lot of unique content with questions and answers aka “snippets”, which should then have a link in them to what you are trying to sell.

Is Good Content Important To Google? I found out about making Google happy quite by accident in 2017. I was working on building a new auto parts website for a dealership group in Dallas TX. The new auto parts website was very successful, but it had one problem, lots of customers were calling looking for hard to find and discontinued auto parts, which this dealership group did not want to deal with. So I made a blog post explaining “How To Find Discontinued Auto Parts” This simple post telling people how to find discontinued auto parts became the number one post / snippet on Google under this search term. Our parts department went from a few calls a day to over 100 calls a day looking for hard to find auto parts.

How Do You Know It Is Time To Switch SEO Companies? 

1. The content in your new pages, articles and posts does not make sense or is very thin.

2. The amount of natural search traffic is not increasing from the new pages, articles and posts.

3. The pages, articles and posts do not show up in the Google search results.

We have eight Greenway dealerships located in Northern Alabama that are managed by our Platform Director Todd Sheppard. He recently moved our 8 dealership websites and our group site to a different SEO company.

First: The new SEO company did a deep dive into all aspects of our websites. They did not have any problem studying our competitors and trying to make us look a lot better than them online.

Second: They set us up with their patented MPOP® software. This software is designed to create these unique content pages, loaded with questions answers and data that people are searching for with links to certain vehicles and specials. Their software is able to build and optimize the pages for any subject, special or vehicle we want.

How Do You Know If Your SEO Team Is Any Good? This is how you test if your SEO team "Has The Goods", first take the title of the page, article or blog post and put it into a Google search and Google will tell you if they are any good or not. If they are on the first page near the top or at the top.

The first month I started testing these new pages and I was shocked at the results. Page after page built by this MPOP® software was at or near the top of each search term after just a few weeks. It was amazing to see how well the software works and how our natural search traffic started going up.

“Why Pay For Traffic When You Can Earn It With Great Content”

By the way this new SEO company we are using is called Dealer Teamwork and they have been wonderful to work with. I am always interested in knowing what is working and what is not working for your dealership, if you have any questions about SEO feel free to contact me Vincent Hoss