16 Tips To Sell 20 Cars Month


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 1. "The Newbie Way" Work long hours and work on every Internet, Phone, Chat, Service, Lot Up you can get. Put in the hours, keep learning and do not get upset. 

2. "Time Will Tell" After 3 to 5 years of #1 you will only be working your repeat and referrals and you will coast to your 20-car goal. 

3. "Help Businesses With The Service Of Their Vehicles" This is where you sell businesses vehicles, but you also take care of the pickup and drop off for all of their vehicles for service needs. You will get to know all the employees and over time you will sell them and their family's because the owner is so happy with you. 

4. "Work Golf Courses" I once knew aguy who never came into the dealership except to sell a car to someone, he met at a golf course. This could work in many other instances where you meet people, like churches, bible studies, car clubs, social clubs, sewing clubs, community clubs etc. 

5. "Owners With A Lot Of Vehicles" Some folks have multiple vehicles, similar to servicing business owners, you help service their vehicles, show them new models and sell vehicles
that they no longer want.

6. "Work Your Social Contacts" I once talked to a 5-car a month guy and asked him what do you do in your free time? He said I love football, He had played football in the local high school and the
local college, He said he has 1000's of followers. I told him next time you sell a car, take a picture and post it to Facebook, soon he was selling 20 cars a month. After he got his first big check, I did not see him for a month but when he came back to the dealership, he was right back to 20+ cars a month from working all of his Facebook friends.

7. "Work Facebook Groups". Once I had another 5-car sales guy and I asked him what do you do in your free time? He said I love cars and I have picked up over 100k followers on my New Used Cars Automotive Facebook Group. I showed him how to "turn on comment moderation" and look at all the new posts and new comments for anyone that needs a car; then contact them before you send it out to the group. Just like that He was selling 20+ cars, I also did not see him for a while
after his first big check.

8 "Work The Service Isle" There is great software that will tell you all about the value of customers cars that come in for service. Those that have equity and those that are nearing their lease end. Get up early in the morning to meet the service advisors and service customers: First get them coffee and snacks then ask them if they need any help with how things work on their vehicle or if they would like a free appraisal. I know folks that sell 20 to 30 cars a month that only work the service isle. Keep track of the service advisor bonuses if a service customer sells or purchases a vehicle and make sure they get paid. 

9. "Facebook Market Place, Craigslist List & Classified Sites". Here you try to contact people who are selling their vehicles. This can be a tough job; you need to get their phone number and
the vin# of the car that they have for sale. You will need to have a very understanding used car manager or access to vAuto to be able to put the car details in so you or a manager can see how far apart they are. I do not like to bring them in for
for an appraisal unless we have an idea that we are close on the purchase of their car or unless they want to trade. Remember overtime they will get more realistic on their price so stay in touch with them. We spent about 2 hours a day, to get the
information to do 100 appraisals a month and we buy about 10% of them. A few of these will end up trading for another vehicle. This is a great way to practice if you want to move up to appraiser or used car manager.

10. "Get People To Remember You" It is so hard to see a salesperson sell a car and a few weeks later the same family buys from a different salesperson. Each person you met needs to know that you are their car person. Make sure your customers have your name and cell phone number in their phones. Tell them call me with any car question at anytime, I want to help you, your family your friends. Make sure all referrals get put in for a referral fee if your dealership has those. Call them on their birthday, send them a Christmas card, send them a monthly newsletter or email about the specials that month. Some CRM's will notify you when your customers come in for service, make sure you visit them while they are in service. 

11. "Exceed Their Expectations" Have snacks and drinks for your customers, have coloring books and new crayons for their children, have new toys for their kids. If it is taking too long waiting for finance buy them lunch or dinner. Go over their car in detail, find out about what is important to them, find out their kids names write it down and put it in the CRM so you can ask how they are doing next time you call or see them. When they are about to leave with or without a purchase "Give Them Something Special" to remember you.

“Customer Service Like This Will Earn You Lots of Referrals” 

12. "Come Up With A Fun Gimmick" I used the M&M toys to get people to remember me and I helped many people come up with a gimmick of there own over the years. A new salesperson recently said I want to do the M&M's, I asked him what do you do in your free time? He said I draw comic figures and make comic books. I told him let figure out how to use your drawings to get people to remember you. There was another lady who was always called "Little Debbie" when she was little, she picked up some Little Debbie memorabilia on eBay and handed out Little Debbie snacks. There was another guy whose last name was Snow, He started giving away Snow Globes. Another person who had a White Polar Bear with a Coke collection. Find something you enjoy and try to incorporate your hobby into your presentation. 

13. "Do Not Get Bitter" The car business is a brutal business of long hours, missed sales, hurt feelings, not getting any Bones from the managers, deals falling out, people jumping in front
of you. You will never sell 20 cars a month if you do not learn how to shake off frustration and disappointments. Take a break, pray for patience, etc but get right back into the game. In the struggles of life, we either get Bitter or Better.

14. "Learn How To Sell and Close" Some folks are just natural sales people but most are not. You must decide that you are going to study and learn how to be a better salesperson. 1. You can learn by watching, listening and helping experienced sales staff. Find an experienced salesperson you can help, turn any problem customers to them, it is better to get a 1/2 deal than no deal. 2. Watch YouTube videos and then go practice on family, friends and customers.  

15. "Never Give Up" I was training a new salesperson, who had a very difficult customer, he said to me "they do not want to buy" on the first pencil. An experienced salesperson next to me said, could I give it a try? I sat the new salesperson next to me and we listened for 20 more pencils. It was not going well. I told her if you want to give up, I understand. But She did not give up! 15 more pencils later the customers purchased from her. This is why she was the top salesperson in the dealership. I realized right then why she outsold me month after month. She consistently sold 50 a month and I only sold 30 a month, because she never gives up. 

16. “Wear Company Logo Clothing May sure you wear your dealerships clothing and name tag everywhere you go. Make sure all of your family cars have the dealership license plate frame or sticker on them. There were always business cards in my pockets, M&M ties around my neck and I gave out M&M candy bags every where I went. My desire was to make purchases from small local shops where you could get to know the owners or staff. Garage sales, flea markets, produce stands and farmers markets are places that it is very easy to talk to sellers and other shoppers. 

Hope these tips help; do you have any good tips that have helped you sell more cars? Leave your comments below. If you have any questions or need help, contact Vincent Hoss LinkedIn