Want To Make Facebook Happy?

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Try These Stop Tips First:

Stop: Pushing your manufacturer's content, pictures and videos that they send to every single dealership in America.
Stop: Pushing the dealership advertisements that your ad agency sends you.

Why Is Facebook Not Happy? Facebook considers these kind of posts "Duplicate Content" or "Ad Spam". Facebook knows your customers do not like this type of content because they see that your visitors are only staying a few seconds and leaving. If you are pushing this kind of content to your social accounts you are averaging about +/-.20 seconds per page visit.

Then Try These Start Tips:

Start: Taking pictures of customers purchasing a vehicle in a special "Pinterest" spot at your dealership that will look good online, then get them to "Like" your business page and then "Tag" them on Facebook. Now your post will show up in all of their "Friends" feeds.
Start: Taking pictures and videos of local events with your staff and with your vehicles.
Start: Making fun short videos also called "Reels" with trending sounds. You can pick up a lot of views with quality content as Instagram tries to complete with TikTok.
Start: Delivering a business customers vehicle to their businesses and take pictures or video of their vehicles in front of their shop.
Start: A giveaway of gift certificates, gift cards or merchandise live on Facebook or create a Facebook contest.
Start: Making a video or reel testimonial when the customer is taking delivery.

Why Is Facebook Happy About This Type Of Content? This type of unique content makes Facebook very happy because your customers spend a lot more time when they see their friends or family doing different things in the community. Start adding content like this and watch your average time move up to over 2:00 minutes per visit. This is 10x more than duplicate and advertising content.

Need Help With Social Media At Your Dealership? If you have any questions about how to do this, contact me Vincent Hoss and I will be glad to help. Do you have any special Stops or Starts that have worked well for you? Please share those below.