Improve Your Dealerships Close Rate 

Repeat and Referral Customers Have The Highest Close Rate

5 Steps To Improve Your Auto Dealership Close Rate in 2022 

1. Advertising: An auto dealership in 2022 has to be very careful not to spend advertising dollars to generate leads for product they do not have available to sell. Why pay for traffic with Google and 3rd party leads when you can earn traffic with good quality content, blog posts, social media and videos. We can also generate high quality traffic by simply being nice to our customers, employees, vendors and our community. 

2. Traffic: We must know where the traffic is actually coming from. Let's not put pressure on our staff to artificially increase traffic from a certain source - No Smoke Allowed. Different traffic has different close rates: These are just estimates - You can put your own numbers here - Everyone agrees the number one highest close rate is repeat and refferals - Repeats and Referrals 70-80%, Lot Ups 40-50% Service 30-40% Phone calls 20-25% Chats 20-25% eMail 10-15%. Many dealerships micromanage Internet leads, yet they have the lowest close ratio of all leads. How about we concentrate on the highest close rate rather than the lowest close rate?

3. Internet Sales Staff: A well-trained and certified salesperson should be the first person and the last person to talk to every customer with close Manager and BDC support. We want the best long-term sales staff we can get and we need to take special care to keep them. In 3 to 5 years each salesperson should be only working his existing customers; the ones with the 70-80% close rate. 

4. Customer Experience: We are looking for a special customer experience at the dealership, from the time they arrive to the time they leave. All hands must be on deck working together. We often see amazing experiences at restaurants that are only selling $20. to $100. Meals. How do we exceed the customers' expectations? 

5. After the Visit or Sale: The follow-up after a visit or sale must be memorable for the life of the customer. These are the 70-80% repeat customers that we are after. Once we get a customer, let's not lose them. Learn More About Close Rates