How To Care For Your 20 Car Sales Staff

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The person who can consistantly sell 20+ cars per month - is the Gold Standard of all car sales staff. Just think, 5 of them, will sell 100 plus cars each month, year after year. The question is how do you get them and how do you keep them? Here are three options:

1. You Can Develop Them At Your Dealership.

2. You Can Find / Woo Them From Other Dealerships.

3. You Can Get Their 20 Car Friends To Come To Your Dealership.

How Do I Develop 20 Car Sales Staff?  

Teach Sales Staff How To Sell: If you want to develop them in house then you will need an experienced 20 car sales person who has done this before and who wants to teach them. This can sometimes be difficult because the experienced staff are very busy selling cars and making amazing money. Another option is to have a dedicated trainer or Internet manager who will work with them, hands on, until they learn or leave your training program. This is not an easy job, it is not for everyone and you will go through some along the way. Some will only get to 5, 10 or 15 cars a month,

Make Them An Assistant To An Experienced Sales Person: The 2nd solution is to have a 20-car salesperson train them under an assistant mentor type program. If you decide to go this direction, you will have to make it worth their time and energy. Most 20 car salespeople could sell 30 if they have an assistant that wants to learn, will work hard and will take direction.

How Do You Create An Environment Where 20 Car Folks WantTo Work? These are the top sales staff in the industry; you have to takecare of them.

How Does Holz Chevrolet in Hales Corners, WI Keep Their 50 - 20 Car A Month Sales Staff Happy? 

The Holz pay plan had around 30 ways you could make money. Here are just some that I remember from my time with them from about 20 years ago: Their bonuses were good every day, not just on certain days after the dealership hit some crazy objectives. Besides the normal very good percent of the gross, they also paid $10 for every car sold towards your gas, 20 cars = $200, $25 towards your car payment, 20 cars = $500. They paid 5% of the profit on any used car that you brought in on trade that sold within 60 days. In Wisconsin you could not sign the paperwork and then take delivery the same day, you had to wait a few days. So it was very easy to get the extra
2 delivered in one day = $100, 3 delivered in one day = $150 4 delivered in one day = $200 and 5 delivered in one day = $250 and these bonuses were good every day of the week, $50 if sold at MSRP Bonus, $50 if they have same last name, or same address of a prior sold, $25 per GAP sold by finance, $50 for a warranty, $50 for under coating. If you ever sold that person in the past, you were automatically on 1/2 the deal. Some bonuses were paid in cash on Saturday. The gifts the owner received each week from vendors were given away on Saturday. Once a month they took the top 80% of the sales staff to some very nice event, like a football game, baseball game, pit passes to the Miracle Mile Speedway etc.

Mr Holz told me, “Dealers come from all over to ask me how I sell 1000 cars each month in a town of 6k people?” He tells them “1. I want the best sales staff I can get & 2. I will do whatever to keep them.

You will occasionally see one or two 20 car sales people at a dealership yet Mr Holz had a whole fleet of them, He found the secret to finding them and keeping them happy. PS: It Was The Pay Plan.

Have you been able to sell 20 cars a month? Have you beenable to train anyone to sell at this level? I would love to hear your thoughts on training or getting 20 car sales staff. Vincent Hoss - LinkedIn