• Can Amazon survive without the help of FedEx or UPS?

    Could FedEx or UPS technology and training help Amazon?

    Amazon Delivery Service Review:


    It seems like FedEx and UPS have just gotten better and better over the years. While Amazon is reaching new lows.


    My wife orders several kitchen items coming from different companies to be delivered on Thursday for a party Sunday.


    Thursday 7/21: The Amazon delivery lady gives her two boxes, then asks for one back because there seems to be problem with the scan of one of the boxes. After a while trying to figure it out she leaves with the 2nd box. My wife looks it up on line, it says "We could not get to your door, we will deliver it tomorrow." even though they had no problem delivering the other box. She calls Amazon customer service they say, “the Amazon delivery lady should have left the box and "manually" told the system it was delivered.”


    Friday 7/22: Comes and goes with no delivery from Amazon. My wife calls again Friday to Amazon customer service: “they say it will be there Saturday”.


    Saturday 7/23: An Amazon delivery guy brings 3 more boxes. The same box was there but would not scan. My wife tells him Amazon said to do a "manual delivery". Now the guy wants all three packages back 15 minutes later he gives us 2 of the 3 packages, taking back the original package. Now my wife calls Amazon back for the third time to find out why they will not deliver the package with her name and address right on the box. Amazon customer service cannot understand why the guy did not deliver the package. They think it might get delivered Sunday 7/24 or Monday 7/25.


    It was clear Amazon has no clue where our package was (we could pick it up) or what to do next with our "un-scan-able" package. My wife wants to just cancel the order and start over, but I want to see how many times they will come by with the package before they leave it.

    Sunday 7/24: no Amazon package and no call, went to the store to get replacement items for the party.


    Monday 7/25: Another different Amazon package came, but not the original one. No call from Amazon, but we got an email that says there has been a delay in delivering the original package.


    Tuesday 7/26: Apparently the box is now totally lost in the Amazon jungle. My wife emailed Amazon back asking what was going on with her order? The first email back from Amazon saying that they were sorry a certain order was not delivered, but that one was delivered. My wife emails back and FINALLY someone at Amazon realized the screw up and refunded the amount of the order.

    This cannot be very profitable, same day next day delivery sounds good on paper until something like this happens. Amazon please arrange a beer summit with someone who knows how to run a delivery service like FedEx or UPS before this situation gets out of control.